Non-Destructive Hard Surface Modeling in Blender

Josh Gambrell
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Hey there!

Josh here, presenting you with my newest and most comprehensive course: Non-Destructive Hard Surface Modeling in Blender.

You've probably heard the term "non-destructive" thrown around, but may not fully understand the workflows and ideas behind it. If you're like me, you probably started off Blender using destructive modeling techniques without even knowing it. But there's a completely different world with non-destructive modeling, and it's going to revolutionize your workflow.

What You'll Learn

• Non-destructive workflow and modeling theory

• Boolean and Bevel operations

• Problems with Subdivision Surface workflows

• Comprehensive modeling, texturing, and rendering workflow

• Issues with booleans and how to solve them

• Proper lighting and rendering settings for photorealism

I want this course to be as universally affordable as possible, so I'm giving this to you at a huge bargain. It's $10. That's it. For less than the price of take-out, your 3D-modeling ability will be revolutionized. Too many courses charge really high prices and limit their audience, and I don't want to be that way. I want everyone to learn and perfect their craft.

How is this course different?

I see the term "non-destructive" thrown around too much without detailed explanation. It took me forever to finally understand and gain an intuition behind this workflow. What techniques warrant the term "non-destructive"? Why does this workflow even matter? The answer is to just stop worrying about it; people get too caught up focusing on one workflow or another, where they should just be designing and naturally using such techniques without even realizing it. What does matter is how well you're applying your skill set. This course will give you the intuition behind 3D modeling, meaning you'll just be able to create without thinking too much about which workflow to use.

Remember when you first learned how to drive a car? You had to think about how hard to press the gas pedal, how much to turn the wheel, how to angle your car to park nicely, or how to time a merge into traffic. But over time, these techniques became muscle memory and you didn't have to think about it. By the end of the course, 3D modeling will feel much the same way, and you'll be able to just work rather than worry.

Do I need to be experienced?

Quick answer: NO

Whether you're a beginner or experienced 3D artist, this course will help expedite your workflow and give you new techniques to use. Blender is a massive 3D software, with so many different areas to focus on. The course breaks everything down nicely for the beginner viewer, while not being overwhelmingly boring for the experienced one. With the key strokes listed and every operation detailed, you won't fall behind or get lost during the design. This course is meant to revolutionize your 3D ability, and will leave you a proficient modeler by the end of it regardless of skill level.

Bottom line: This course is for all skill levels.

How will I fare after completing the course?

After finishing this course, you'll have a huge 3D modeling skill set incorporating various non-destructive, destructive, and hard-surface modeling workflows. This will dramatically improve your 3D modeling workflow, and your own personal projects will be easier than ever. You'll understand how to 'think in 3D' and will tackle even the most complex hard-surface objects with the knowledge learned in this course. The Blender software will be an absolute breeze.

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